Tuesday, December 28, 2010


these is especially for my sis, named rabiatul athyqah...

she gt flying colours in her pmr..(8 freekin' A's!)

well done, adik! i really hope that ur achievement also has motivated our lil sis to do as well as u in hers.. :)

if i've alot of money, i'll give them to you as a present from me.waalllaaa~ unfortunately, i don't have them..ngee~ ok, berangan jek!

ok, juz want you to know; u're a star in our eyes! oohh yeaahh, keep it up! haha..

p/s : congratulation to ila, too..gt the first place in her final exam a.k.a periksa akhir tahun.. hee~ yeahhh2..kakak tau, its hard but im pretty sure that u can be the best among the rest for the nex2 year jugak! u can beat them! hoho..

*ika n ila*

ok, chaw...