Friday, December 25, 2009


salam..hai ppl..hehe~

today i went out wif one of my candies..hee~

we went out at 9 sumthng n arrved at mid around 10.30..we have decided to watch a movie..AVATAR.. at first, i'd no interest in watching this kind of movie..huu~ n the beginning of the story kinda boring for me..but in the end, i love the movie..yeahhh! awesome,ok..

to ppl yg buntu xda keje, pegi la tgk that movie..such a nice movie..hehe~

the end~thats all for today..haha~

Saturday, December 5, 2009

satu pesanan ringkas!

tersangat ringkas..

time : 10.08 am

date :05/12/2009

text : 'qin! elaun da masuk, ak bru check td'

from : sham ( ese )

cnclusion : im goin' to pc fair tmr!!! syg ko jgk,ese! haha~


well..firstly, i want to thank my dear sister, athyqah zainnie for helping me in creating diz cute n nice blog..(hmm..actually,die yg suh ni..) hahaha~

since im getting so bored to death right now, i would like to summarize all da memoir for the whole year, 2009..

i've started my 2009 with joinning the 'sewing classes' giatmara, allowance,around 200 permonth..quite 'alot' for ke??hehe.. tp bole la.. bought new dresses, shoes, bla..bla..bla..( xtau hlg mne duet tuh..haha~)
n also i met some weird ppl such as cik man..huhu~ (hpflly he didnt read this post..) n da super duper caring mom: cik lia,cik zah n cik noris..mish u la,mkck2..

yee,kami nak blaja jahit2..hmm..

'peer' frens


we also played futsal together! , went to astro to be audience,
celebrated my birthday(a surprise party for me) ..tq to all of u..

on 7th of feb..
reunion for ex student of skla
location : midvalley
activities : bowling, eating, chatting2..n laughing..

after 3 to 4 months 'jahit2', i went to kolej matrikulasi johor, which known as kmj..

p/s : sorry la ucop,amik pic ko skeping due..

ucop!! our kk.. n other classmates..




makan2! um, mereka lakukan krane sy..huhu~ tq,syg2 ku.. im goin' to institut perguruan..

um..institut perguruan ilmu khas,kl..on 13th of july..
im goin to spent 5 years there..hee~
being a teacher is like being an angel..

my u all~

kaklong..nur 'izzati




sipma : wif apis!

on 24th of oct
kak dilla's wedding
at her family's hse
u're so cute! like a pwincess..umm.

her sister,too..

two lil sis~

kaklong pun ikut~

byk gmba kak nana jek..hee~ pgntin bz..huu~
sis dilla, i'll upload ur pic,too,ok?juz wait n see.. semua gmba akak dekat kak epa..hehe~ i'll ask her about that later..huhu~ something bad happened to my memory card.huhu~

on 19 to 22 nov
went to kelantan!!
yeaaaa!! holiday2!!

10 ppl frm our class! cn u imagine??bas tu kami yg conquer!haha~

mkn2~ nsi dging salai,nsi krabu!! hoho~

amjad! miss u la,adik!

we celebrated moknik's birthday jugak!

was driving frm pasir mas to kb~

ni lah hasilnye! haha~

i wish i could go there again..huhu~ meet amjad there!! n for the nex sem, we are planning to go either genting or melaka..insyaAllah..we are going somewhere for each our sem break..

Friday, December 4, 2009

first word : assalamualaikum..

'buhsan'...thats the reason why i start creating my blog..huhu~
i'm such a lazy girl to 'write and read'..but since i've finished my final test
and stay at home with nothing to do, i've decided to create a blog..yeeaahh!

hmm..hopefully, i wont abandon this one..hee~