Friday, August 6, 2010


why i want to be a teacher??~

of Allah :) hee~

bcoz.. i want to be like my mum!!! she is the best teacher in the universe, ok!

bcoz.. i love kids, n they 'love' me too..eceh2..haha~

bcoz.. i enjoy teaching, sharing n loving.. ;P

bcoz.. im having such a wonderful 'wanna be tcer' 's life now~

bcoz.. i believe that everyone (with different background) can achieve their own goals..

bcoz.. for me, teaching is like walking in the garden..lalalaa.. ;)

bcoz.. teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever~

bcoz.. being a teacher, also can be an interior designer, a doctor, an engineer, CEO ..e.t.c.. besides, teacher can help the students to be what they want to be.. :D

but.. to be a 'real' teacher, i have to be patience, be a good girl n ready to be a role model for anyone~ .. it is not as easy as we think.. :)

and.. i wont be here without teachers!

with lots of love :

standard 1 : en riduan
standard 2 : pn sharimah
satndard 3 : pn jamaliah
standard 4 : cik normila
standard 5 : en azmi
standard 6 : pn sarina
form 1 : pn roslina
form 2 : pn faezah
form 3 : pn murni
form 4 & 5 : pn sharmiza

n other teachers!!